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Dinosaurs For Christ - How Dinosaurs Lead People To The GospelCANNON BEACH
Making Christ Known - A Creation Museum
Located in the Cannon Beach Bible Church, Cannon Beach, OR

Learn To Identify and Track The Largest Beasts That Ever Roamed The Earth

Has the guy in the photo picked a good spot for a picture? Do you think he knows what's about to happen? (Lunch time!)

If you do not think you'd be comfortable having having a close encounter with a T-Rex, you might consider a close encounter with what dinosaurs leave behind... their footprints.

The Cannon Beach Dinosaur Tracker Field Station will give you a close encounter with real dinosaur footprints, made by real, living dinosaurs. You can touch the same rock a dinosaur touched! And you'll learn the basics of tacking and identifying dinosaurs from their footprints... Then you can decide whether to use your time machine to track down a meat eater (remember, you are meat) or a vegetarian, and snap the perfect selfie with a dinosaur.

Opening in the fall of 2018 in the Cannon Beach Bible Church... the Cannon Beach Dinosaur Tracker Field Station, a dinosaur experience that leads to the gospel of Jesus Christ..

Dinosaurs For Jesus - Touch Real Dinosaur Tracks, Learn About JesusWe have all the fossils and we're now working on designing the exhibits. There will be lots of real dinosaur tracks, and you will be able to touch many of them. Dinosaur tracks reveal a lot about the animal that made them,. including the size of the dinosaur, the type of dinosaur, and more. Plus you'll learn about dinosaur eggs, corporlite, concretions, and more at the Dinosaur Tracker Field Station.

The big question is... where did all of the dinosaur tracks come from? Why do we find so many fossil dinosaur tracks, but we don't find fossil bear tracks or moose tracks? Bears and moose have certainly walked in mud and left behind tracks, why haven't those tracks become fossils.

You'll get the answers at the Cannon Beach Dinosaur Tracker Field Station.

Use the links in the left column to get updated on the progress we're making.

We're are planning to open in the Cannon Beach Bible Church building by the fall of 2018 or sooner.




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